A front-end for Enfuse with multi-core support

by Ingemar Bergmark

EnfuseGUI 2 was released in 2009, and it relied on a few Microsoft libraries to function properly.
Unfortunately, Microsoft have recently retired old libraries that have fallen out of support, which include the libraries EnfuseGUI 2 needed. These libraries are no longer available for download from Microsoft's website, which means that EnfuseGUI 2 can no longer function as intended.

EnfuseGUI 3 is here!
I've developed EnfuseGUI 3 from scratch using the latest development tools. I've also added a bunch of new features. However, I've kept the interface the same so you'll feel right at home.
It's available for both Mac and Windows users.

New features in EnfuseGUI 3 include:
* Align Image Stack
* Raw image processing
* Batch processing
EnfuseGUI is used to avoid blown-out highlights in an interior by using one set of exposures for the room itself, and another set for the windows. EnfuseGUI can blend these images together and create a final image where everything is properly exposed. EnfuseGUI can also be used for other purposes, like night photography and focus stacking.

* EnfuseGUI 3 Supports TIFF, JPEG and raw formats (NEF, CR2, DNG and more)
* Only GUI on the market that exposes all options of the Enfuse engine
* Supports Align Image Stack for aligning hand-held shots
* Batch processing
* Multi-processor support
* Transfers EXIF data to final image

Please visit my website for EnfuseGUI 3

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EnfuseGUI 3 for Windows

(Windows 10 or later)

EnfuseGUI 3 for Mac

(macOS High Sierra or later)

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