A front-end for Enfuse with multi-core support

by Ingemar Bergmark


What is Enfuse / EnfuseGUI?

Enfuse is an Open Source command-line application for creating images with a better dynamic range by blending images with different exposures.

An example of this would be an interior shot of a room where you need one set of exposures for the room itself and another set for the windows to avoid blown-out highlights. Enfuse will then blend these images together and create a final image where everything is properly exposed. Enfuse can also be used for other purposes like night photography and focus stacking.

EnfuseGUI is a front-end for Enfuse, making the process of blending your images easier.

Features of EnfuseGUI

  1. Only GUI on the market that exposes all options

  2. Multiple processor support for fast processing

  3. Fast previews

  4. Multi platform (Windows and Mac)

  5. Transfers EXIF data to final image

  6. Improved Drag-and-Drop interface

Latest version: 3.2

Windows download

(Windows 10 or later)

Mac download

(macOS High Sierra or later)

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Command line utility

If you’re looking for the Enblend/Enfuse command line utility, head over to the SourceForge project page by clicking here.